Measure Z and Public Safety

Part of the funds generated from Humboldt County voters passage of Measure Z includes approximately $1.8 million for fire-fighting needs throughout the county. These funds are being distributed through the Humboldt County Fire Chiefs’ Association to the various fire departments in our area.  The majority of firefighters in our county serve in volunteer fire departments, which are constantly in need of updated equipment to enable the firefighters to safely do their jobs.  Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley is a Captain and firefighter with the Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department, which has received new structure fire-fighting turnouts and radios from Measure Z funds.  Captain Crowley reports that when he joined the fire service in 2005, the structure fire-fighting gear he inherited was over 30 years old.  The Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department’s water tender and two pumping engines are at least 30 years old as well.  Older equipment requires more maintenance to keep functional, but the firefighters make the equipment they have work.  The Humboldt Area Foundation set up the Kneeland Fire Department Station House Trust Fund, money from which is dedicated to the construction of a fire station in Kneeland.  Because Kneeland does not currently have a fire station, some of the Department’s equipment is parked at the homes of firefighters and is exposed to the elements.   Construction of the Kneeland Fire Department fire station is scheduled to commence in Fall 2016.  Those with an interest in public safety are encouraged to contribute what they can to this important project.