Motorcycle Crash Case Settles for $300,000

Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael J. Crowley last week settled a motorcycle/truck collision case for the defendants’ $300,000 liability insurance policy limit.  Christopher Brimley was riding his motorcycle northbound on R Street in Eureka onto the Samoa Bridge when a southbound truck suddenly and illegally turned left in front of him just before the intersection of R Street and 4th Street (Hwy. 101).  Mr. Brimley was ejected from his motorcycle in the collision, and thrown onto the pavement, while his motorcycle was dragged over 50 feet underneath the truck.  An independent witness confirmed the unsafe turning maneuver of the truck driver, who was found at fault for the incident. Mr. Brimley sustained multiple pelvic fractures as well as hand fractures that required surgery.  The pelvic/hip fractures extended into the acetabular joint space of his hip, resulting in what is known as post-traumatic arthritis in the hip, which his treating orthopedic surgeon opined would require a hip replacement in the future.

Mr. Crowley also presented evidence from various other experts to fully demonstrate the extent of Mr. Brimley’s damages, including a Physical Therapy Functional Capacity Exam, Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment regarding his employability given his injuries, and an economist’s report of his past and future wage loss and the loss of household services. Such expert consultation and presentation is necessary to prove the full measure of an injured client’s damages.  It is important for an injured motorcyclist to be represented by attorneys experienced and familiar with such litigation.

The general public and many members of law enforcement have stereotyped opinions about those who choose to ride motorcycles (and bicycles), often prejudging the supposed fault of a motorcyclist who in fact has the same rights to the road and same responsibilities as any other motorist. The evidence of the independent witness in this case was crucial in combating that perspective. Most motorcyclists are law-abiding, safe and respectful drivers, who are entitled to expect the same from their fellow motorists. If you or a loved one is injured on a motorcycle due to the careless conduct of another driver, Janssen Malloy LLP stands ready to assist with expert, experienced attorneys to achieve the full measure of damages that are due.