North Coast Salmon Season Dates Proposed

Earlier this week, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (“PFMC”) adopted recreational and commercial ocean salmon season recommendations for the West Coast, including the North Coast of California. The proposed recreational salmon season on the north coast, from the Oregon/California border south to Horse Mountain, runs from June 1 through Labor Day, September 3, 2018. The proposed commercial season is more detailed, with intermittent openings and varying quotas along the northern California coast.
The PFMC’s recommendations follow its annual spring meetings in March and April and multiple opportunities for public comment. At its March meeting, the PFMC adopted three alternatives for the 2018 West Coast salmon season. It then solicited public comments on the alternatives, both in writing and in person at public hearings held in Washington, Oregon, and California. This month’s meeting included additional public comment and scientific information before the adoption of the final proposals. In reaching its season recommendations each year, the PFMC considers input from federal, state, and tribal fishery scientists, fishing industry members, and public comment.
The PFMC’s recommendations will be sent to the National Marine Fisheries Service for approval later this month, which will be followed by individual sate agency actions to adopt appropriate state regulations for the upcoming season.