Planning and Building Department Letter

Happy New Year! The deadline to submit an application for the County of Humboldt Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance expired on December 31, 2016 at 4 pm. The planning department received 2,337 application packets and over 1500 were received in the last two weeks!
The County received over 2,000 incomplete applications, meaning that not all of the required documentation for a complete application packet was submitted. Recall that to accept an application, the County was only requiring a site plan, a completed application form, and the fee deposit.
The County has outlined the process for moving forward. Over the next two weeks the Planning Department’s priority will be to focus on projects that are ready for decision and those projects which have a complete application. The following week the County will be issuing approximately 1,500 incomplete application letters.
Don’t fret if your application is incomplete. The letter received from the Planning and Building Department will explain what is still needed to complete the application. Generally, an applicant will need to update the application documents within six (6) months to prevent a closure of file and keep the application pending.
The County is asking that applicants submit one complete package of information which addresses all the information required in the incomplete application letter. We are going to be busy with applications well into 2017.
If you received an incomplete application letter, or just want help navigating the process, please see us at Janssen Malloy LLP and we will be able to assist you.