Proposed Cannabis Regulations Released

On Friday, April 28th, the California Department of Food and Agriculture released the initial draft of its medical cannabis cultivation regulations. There will now be a 45-day comment period on the draft.
The proposed rules regulate how to apply for licenses to cultivate, the type of licenses that will be available, vertical integration, site requirements, cannabis waste management, cleanliness standards for cultivation sites, processing, records and reporting requirements, inspections, investigations, and audits, and enforcement.
One key feature of the proposed regulations is the requirement that an applicant submit documentation issued by their local jurisdiction showing the business is authorized where it is proposing to operate. Per proposed section 8102 (b)(10) the applicant will be required to provide a copy of the license, permit or other authorization issued by the local agency with jurisdiction over the proposed premises and stating: 1) the name of the applicant; 2) the address of the premises locally licensed; 3) the license type for which the applicant is locally licensed; 4) the expiration date of the local authorization; 5) the name of the local jurisdiction; 6) the local jurisdiction office that issued the permit; 7) contact information for the authorized applicant; and 8) the signature of the authorized person issuing the local permit.
Janssen Malloy LLP is assisting clients who wish to seek local permits for cannabis cultivation. Please contact us if you have any questions about the proposed rules or cannabis permitting in general.