BPA Added to California Prop 65 List

Beginning this spring, Californians can expect to be flooded with even more Prop 65 warnings on the goods they purchase, thanks to the addition of bisphenol-A (BPA) to the Proposition 65 list. Proposition 65 (formally known as “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986”) aims to protect California consumers by reducing exposures to chemicals that may cause … Read More

Federal Assistance for North Coast Crab Fishermen

Humboldt County is famous for its Dungeness crab fishery, and crab fishing is vital to its local economy and the many crab fishermen who harvest the tasty crustaceans.  Unfortunately, this year’s season was canceled due to health concerns from an unacceptable level of a neurotoxin detected in tests. It was today announced that Federal assistance for affected fisherman may be … Read More

New Environmental Regulations on Cannabis Cultivation

Are you growing cannabis? By February 15, 2016, cultivators with 2000 square feet or more of cultivated area are required to enroll in a new water quality regulatory program with the North Coast Water Quality Control Board (NCWQCB). NCWQCB’s Order No. R1-2015-0023 (Order) includes enforceable requirements which cultivators need to become familiar with to ensure their operations do not impact … Read More