Janssen Malloy LLP Obtains $3.2 Million Judgment for LA Client

Janssen Malloy LLP recently obtained a $3.2 Million judgment for a client attacked and mauled by a Black Russian Terrier dog in Los Angeles.  Our client, who was walking her dog with her husband in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, was attacked by a large dog that had escaped from the owners’ property.  The dog bit and mauled her … Read More

Effective Advocacy for Cyclists Includes a Healthy Dose of Education

Humboldt County is a hidden gem for California cyclists. Everything from excellent road cycling to downhill mountain biking is available here, as well as a climate that is (mostly) conducive to bicycle commuting. The County has shown its willingness to invest in bicycle infrastructure, with major projects like the Humboldt Bay Trail and the Annie and Mary Rail Trail in … Read More

Criminal Court Restitution: An Additional Remedy for Civil Cases

Janssen Malloy LLP routinely handles personal injury cases that arise out of a criminal context, e.g., damages or wrongful death caused by a drunk driver (a violation of Penal Code section 23153).  Parallel to and alongside the civil personal injury action for damages, if the responsible defendant is convicted of (or pleads guilty to) felony charges, the defendant may be … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Obtains $200,000 Settlement for Injured Coast Guard Serviceman

Although some personal injury claims tend to adhere to a pattern, or involve variations on a theme, certain cases present unique challenges that require plaintiffs’ counsel to identify and retain experts in niche areas of the law and then present a compelling claim to the appropriate audience, whether that is insurance defense counsel and a claims representative, an arbitrator, or … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Obtains $250,000 Recovery for Client Injured on Moped

Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley last week obtained a $250,000 recovery for a client seriously injured when a truck turned left from the middle lane of a three lane, crosstown Eureka street into the moped he was operating.  Michael Ripley was in the far left lane of I Street in Eureka, CA, when the defendant truck driver suddenly turned left … Read More

A Full Toolbox to Investigate Your Personal Injury Claim

You pick yourself up off the ground and assess your injuries. You will surely need medical attention, which is rarely cheap in 2018. Who is responsible? When you fall prey to a dangerous condition on public property, whether it is an improperly maintained street, a hole in the sidewalk, or one of many dangers associated with public utilities, it is … Read More

Cow Collisions: Liability of Livestock Owners

Rural areas like Humboldt County have ranching and cattle production as part of the local economy, but most motorists don’t reasonably expect to encounter livestock loose on Highway 101.  But that is exactly what a current client of Janssen Malloy LLP partner Michael Crowley faced late this past summer, when a large black shape suddenly appeared in front of her … Read More

Developing a Wage Loss Claim in a Personal Injury Case

One type of damages that is very common in personal injury cases, such as in a motor vehicle collision, is lost wages. Unfortunately, employers are inconsistent about the type of records they keep and therefore what might be readily available for an employee who has been injured outside the course and scope of employment to provide to document their losses … Read More

Is There an Umbrella?

Most people would think I am referring to the kind of umbrella that protects you from rain, but today’s discussion is about the kind of “umbrella” or excess liability insurance that provides an additional layer of insurance coverage on top of an underlying policy.  For example, automobile drivers are required under California state law to carry auto liability insurance coverage … Read More

The Defendant Went Bankrupt; Now What?

Any plaintiff’s lawyer will tell that you that it is never a good thing when a defendant files for bankruptcy.  The conventional wisdom says the chances of ever recovering anything from the “debtor” (the defendant’s new name in the bankruptcy court) is slim to none.  But there are still arrows in the quiver of the prepared and persistent trial counsel.  … Read More