Humboldt County Commercial Medical Cannabis Ordinance 2.0 is Coming!

For those of you who missed the boat on applying for a permit for new or existing cultivation last December, you may be getting another chance. In April, Humboldt County released a document titled, “Proposed Ordinance Policy Areas and Discussion Items” (“Policy Areas”) for a planned update to the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance (“CMMLUO”), that will … Read More

Janssen Malloy LLP Amending Petition Regarding Unqualified Public Defender

On June 29, 2017 visiting Judge Carter found that the Petitioners had standing to pursue the petition to remove David Marcus as Humboldt County Public Defender.  Judge Carter also granted the County’s Demurrer, but with leave to amend so that Petitioners could add additional facts regarding Mr. Marcus’ lack of qualifications after taking his deposition.  Petitioners took Mr. Marcus’ deposition … Read More

Congratulations and Gratitude in Order for Retiring and New Humboldt County Superior Court Bench Officers

On June 2 current and former Humboldt County Superior Court judges and commissioners, collectively referred to as bench officers, and members of the Bar and local community convened for the enrobing of Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis. Thanks to court staff, you can view the enrobing ceremony here(link is external). Judge Elvine-Kreis was most recently the Supervising Attorney at the Humboldt County Office … Read More

Local Permitting Requirement Change to State Cannabis License Law

Yesterday, June 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill No. 94. Senate Bill No. 94 amends the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use Cannabis Act (MCRSA) to create a single regulatory framework for both medical and recreational cannabis. The bill amends MCRSA significantly by repealing the vertical integration requirements under MCRSA, amends the tax structure … Read More

Student Loan Options for the Disabled

If you borrowed certain money from the federal government for student loans and subsequently became disabled and unable to pay, there is a process where you can request and receive a discharge of those loans. If you are totally and permanently disabled, consider applying for a disability discharge of your federal student loan or TEACH Grant service obligation. Once you receive … Read More

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Most people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which concerns pain and restrictions in the hand and wrist from (mostly) repetitive motion.  Less well known is cubital tunnel syndrome.  The ulnar nerve, which runs down the arm to the hand, goes through a narrow tunnel called the cubital tunnel as it passes through the elbow, then proceeds through the carpal … Read More

Jail Custody Death Cases

In May 2012 twenty four year old Nathan Cooper died while in custody in the Cottage Grove (Oregon) Municipal Jail of complications from pneumonia. In April 2015, after almost three years of investigation and litigation, including successfully opposing the City of Cottage Grove’s Motion for Summary Judgment, Janssen Malloy LLP partners Michael Crowley and Megan Yarnall obtained $450,000 for the … Read More

Marijuana in the Workplace

With the passage of Proposition 64, the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” employers may have some concern about whether the new law affects their right to enforce drug-free workplace policies.  While employers should always make employment decisions with great care, the Act clearly preserves the rights of private employers to maintain drug free workplaces.  The actual language for that preservation … Read More

Proposed Cannabis Regulations Released

On Friday, April 28th, the California Department of Food and Agriculture released the initial draft of its medical cannabis cultivation regulations. There will now be a 45-day comment period on the draft. The proposed rules regulate how to apply for licenses to cultivate, the type of licenses that will be available, vertical integration, site requirements, cannabis waste management, cleanliness standards for … Read More

Abalone Sport Season Opens May 1

California’s 2017 red abalone sport fishing season is set to open on May 1st. The 2017 season opener is delayed from the traditional opening date of April 1st, and will close one month earlier as well, on October 31st. Additionally, the annual bag limit is reduced from 18 abalone to 12. Other abalone sport fishing regulations remain unchanged. The California … Read More